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Kalpart designs is a team of illustrators and artists have published number of books of different genre with an effective book cover designs and interactive illustrations. Our clients are around the world in various countries like - United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, and Australia.

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Authors speak
I had to e-mail you to let you know I received my 1st copy of my book. I tell you, I love the pictures. You really did a great job on the pictures. All I could do was look at the pictures. Potato looks like has soo much potassium and I can't get over String Bean Red shoes, Broccoli looks like he 's been up all night drinking with his afro hair do. And Corn on the Cob looks like she think she all that plus a rack of chips. I just sit and laugh at those pictures then I decided to read the story. Thanks so much for doing such a great job.
- Charlotte Raybon